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How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry Box

 Choose the Perfect Jewelry Box

Whether you are watching ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ or you are instinctively an organizer, it is important to understand that jewelry boxes are first utilitarian storage boxes used for keeping your accessories safe, and later aesthetic pieces that compliment your rooms décor. 

Here is how you can select the perfect jewelry box for storing your jewels:

                1.   Choose wood. Whether you like it or not, whether it goes with your bedroom wall or not – it does not matter. What really matters is the fact that your jewelry stays safe, and unharmed by harsh foreign particles in the environment. Especially if you are storing wholesale sterling silver earrings then it is important that you get a wooden jewelry box as it is a good insulator for both heat and electricity- so you won’t have to worry about your jewelry getting fire (we are kidding)

001  Choose the Perfect Jewelry Box

          2.      The size of your jewelry box should be taken into consideration as well. if you are keeping all your jewelry in one box then compartmentalize it, or get one that already has compartments so all your jewelry is perfectly organized.


             3.     The inner lining of the jewelry box can play an increasingly critical role in maintaining the shine of your jewelry. If the box is lined with velvet, or similar softer fabrics then it is a go-go. However, a rough lining can wear off the shine of your jewelry and also risk potential harm to the design of your jewelry.   


       4.  Should you lock the box? Well honestly this one depends on the environment you are currently living in. If it is hot and humid outside then do not lock the box as it is going to accumulate moisture inside, so instead of locking the box put it in a bigger safe in a temperature-controlled room so your jewelry stays safe, both beauty wise and also safety-wise.


Follow these steps, and you no longer will have to look at those gazillion videos about organizing your jewelry drawer!

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