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How to Style Gold & Silver Jewelry Together

 Silver Jewelry Together

There used to be a time when women would stand confused in front of their jewelry drawers because they couldn’t decide whether to decorate their neckline with methodically detailed gold pendants or with trendy minimalist silver pendants. Long gone are those days thanks to the limitless fashion trend introduced over the last few years by jewelry enthusiasts and fashion gurus alike. Now, one can deliberately style a mixed set of pendants laden necklaces to create an impressive look. 

Here is how it’s done!

    1. Does the mixed concoction compliment your dress?

Does the mixed concoction compliment your dress  Silver Jewelry Together
Does the mixed concoction compliment your dress


If yes, then, by all means, go for a gold and silver mixed stack of necklaces. If not, then stop right there! The fashion law of not mixing the two metals might be overthrown but there is a fine line between committing a heinous act of tackiness and looking fashionable.

   2. Consider what accessories are you thinking of mixing?

Consider what accessories are you thinking of mixing
Consider what accessories are you thinking of mixing

Whether it is a wholesale silver pendant that you are thinking of mixing up with a gold necklace or a pair of silver and golden rings, you only have to be mindful of how it all looks with the finished look. You only have to care about how all jewelry pieces come together, it doesn’t really matter whether the buckle of your shoe matches the jewelry you are wearing or the pin that you have decorated on your coat!

    3. What not to do?

What not to do
What not to do

Do NOT commit this mistake of mixing up the style of jewelry. It looks tacky and gaudy. And, surely you don’t want to mix up your mother’s vintage marcasite necklace in silver with rose gold chains – so always be mindful of matching up the styles that look purposeful. 


Following these three very simple steps can help you go a long way with your jewelry. Don’t get annoyed, because this stacking up agenda is surely going to make you be the talk of the town!

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